Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 1 - Me and My Yamaha

Well, day 1 is over. My fingers freaking hurt, I've purchased a starter guitar (the Yamaha F310 acoustic) from Gilbert Guitar's in Barrie Ontario, they were extremely helpful and very nice guys, I would recommend them if you live in the area. I am off to catch up to Clapton and Satriani. I did lesson 1 in GarageBand today - learned a chord and how to strum. I am very much a beginner, the GarageBand Learn to Play lessons are great. They move pretty quick, but you can loop the sections and just keep trying it over and over until you get it.

I will start adding video of my lessons shortly - I am trying to come up with a goal, something like I want to play a song on stage with a group in 6 months or something like that, and count down to it.

After I have a few more lessons and try changing chords I will come up with something a bit more realistic.

Here is a great review of the Yamaha F310 - Although I can't make it do much yet, the two chords I learned today sounded great :)

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